​​​​​Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

~Your pet will feel more comfortable in their own surroundings with familiar sights, sounds, and scents.

~We will keep your furry kiddos same routine, as if you were there yourself.

~They won't have to share attention. They'll get personalized, individual attention from the pet sitter.

~Your pet is not directly exposed to illness, noise, or stress that may be present in a kennel or doggie daycare.

~Lots of extra love, attention, and walks!!

~You won't have to feel guilty heading off to work or vacation, because you know your reliable pet sitter will be there soon to care for your pets!

~The added security for your home while you are away to aid in crime deterrence. We rotate lights and blinds, and  bring in mail and anything needed. We don't advertise on our cars like some pet sitters do. It's a big red flag that you're not home!

~Not having to impose on family, friends, neighbors. We are professional and full time pet sitters! Pet sitters make your pets' care their number one priority.

~Professional pet sitters  have clear business policies and procedures in place for your protection and for your pet's safety.

~No more rushing home on your lunch break, or after work to let the dog out. Your pet sitter is just a phone call away.

~You don't have to take time off work to take your animal to the groomer, vet, daycare, etc. We will do that for you!

~Most of all you won't come home to messes and will have peace of mind knowing your pets are receiving the best possible care.

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