November Winner-Rhea

Rhea is one of the sweetest labs around! She loves to give you the best hugs, and cuddle with you on the couch. She has so much fun on her walks, but likes to let other dogs know whos boss in her hood! Her mama makes homemade treats for her, and she loves her people and some toys.  

We will post your pets pictures on our Facebook & Instagram pages. Whoever gets the most likes/comments will become our new Pet of the Month!! Winner of the month will win a bag of treats or a new toy! :)

Mr. Odie is our first 2x winner!! He's such an awesome little dude, living out his golden years with his cool daddy, and cat brother Danny boy! He loves his treats, going for his walks and snuggles on the couch with his daddy.

January 2021 Winner-Fancy

Pet of the Month!!

Odie & Danny cat are brothers, and best buds! Odie loves his walks, and Danny loves to help us write our daily notes! They both love it when we cuddle on the couch, and have sleep overs when their daddy is out of town. Danny likes to groom us as if we don't do a good enough job. HA! We have loved caring for these two handsome boys for so many years!

Jett is a handsome golden-doodle puppy! He likes to lay down on his walks, so I get on the ground with him and he goes wild wanting to play in the grass! He loves his cat sister Scarlett and keeping his mom company while she works at home. He's such a good puppy and enjoys getting spoiled!

March Winner-Odie

October Winner-Danny & Odie

Ms. Fancy pants is such a sweetheart! She loves going for her nice quiet walks, and rolling around in the grass, then again when she gets back home! Then loves cuddling on the couch next to her humans. 

This bright eyed handsome boy is Boomer! He's 16 years old and still loving his walks and his naps! He's out grown playing with toys but still loves his treats and hanging out with his people but watch out if your old a golden retriever (he had a bad experience as a pup and still hasn't let it go) HAHA

December Winner-Jackson

August Winner-Boomer

July Winner-Sadie

Not only is Sadie adorable, but she also loves her big brother Boomer, and her walks! She likes holding onto the leash so she can walk her pet sitters, and always knows where the bunnies like to hangout. 

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Coco is such a happy girl enjoying her golden years! She loves her walks with her younger brother Dobby, and likes to roll around in the snow. She's such a sweet girl!

February Winner-Coco

​​September Winner-Jett

Jackson is such a happy playful golden, and can't forget such a beautiful boy! He likes to greet you at the door with a toy. He tries to take his stuffed animal friends on the walks, and knows that his pet sitter will help him hold his friend. He's such a sweet boy! 

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